Ideas for Clients-Lorenzo Taini-

Ideas for Clients

Lorenzo Taini

Detail from "Hanging Repetition Erasers" by Lorenzo Taini

Ideas for Clients

We consider a wide range of criteria in selecting work we have available for purchase and work we use in interior design projects. We like to have a range of styles, subject matters, styles, and colors, so that when we begin a new interior design project we have a comprehensive arsenal to choose from.

Being sensitive to connotations and interpretations of our artwork helps us come in with a running start for our initial meeting on a new project. If you are a large architecture studio, our gears are already turning with concepts, artists, and specific pieces to suggest to you, which would be different from the pieces we have in mind for a small boutique design firm. And after having had hundreds of these meetings, we feel confident in our ability to make selections from our range of available work and pieces that can be commissioned.

Browse the above selection to get an idea of the range of work that we have, and diversity of projects we take on. This is our mood board of sorts, a kind of visual index of our inspiration and artworks we love.