Commissions-Dolores Zorreguieta-


Dolores Zorreguieta

Object made with glass, leather and hair by Dolores Zorreguieta


Our collection of available artwork provides solutions to many design projects, but sometimes unique spaces necessitate artworks that do not yet exist. 

By nurturing relationships with our roster of artists over the years, we have the opportunity to provide you with commissioned work that is perfectly tailored to your space and it’s purpose. Many companies offer commissioned work, but none have the connections to established and up and coming artists that we do, with the design intuition that only comes with decades of experience. 

Commissions with Spotte Art are win-win-win: You receive a museum-quality artwork that fits your space like a glove, the artist has a platform to stretch their creative and technical capabilities, and I get to facilitate the creation of a one-of-a-kind work of art. 

You shouldn’t have to be a museum to have museum-quality art, and we when you partner with us we give you the connections you need to feel like you live in a museum or gallery space. 

Please browse our recent commissioned projects above, and contact us at to schedule a presentation of commissioned work that relates to your space.