Studio Visits-Installation by Natalia Cacchiarelli-

Studio Visits

Installation by Natalia Cacchiarelli

Natalia Cacchiarelli's studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Studio Visits

Studio visits are one of the main ways artists share their ideas, work methods, and future ideas with curators, collectors, and fellow artists. Spotte Art has always made a point to give the people and organizations we partner with access to the inner workings of the art world, so it has been imperative for us to make the private interviews and images we take during studio visits public.

This section features excerpts of the studio visits we have with our artists, and links to the full visits featured in our blog. These are rare behind the scenes insights into the thought processes that go into the art we make available to you, and can help solidify your decision about what piece is right for your project. Learn about the background of the artist, the evolution of their practice, and above all put a face to the name behind the works of art. You’ll find that their studio generally looks like a reflection of their work, and their work is an embodiment of a key part of who they are.

Please visit our blog to read the full length interviews and image galleries, and browse the artist roster page to find the artist you are most interested in learning more about.