CAFI -Gola de Maracatu-2002


Gola de Maracatu 2002

28 1/4" x 39 1/4" (72x100 cm) Printed on fiber paper Edition of 6 plus 3 AP

Maracatu dancers, Circus performers, indigenous Amazon tribes, characters from small villages - just a small example of rich Brazillian culture I cherish so much  and choose to share with Spotte.

CAFI (b. Recife, PE 1950) is an artist who is best known for documenting and translating Brazilian culture, through photography. He is related to painter Augusto Rodrigues and playwright Nelson Rodrigues, both influential artists in Brazil. As a founder of the 70’s art collective Nuvem Cigana, Cafi became a major figure in Rio’s art world, weaving and curating a net of talents in a variety of disciplines, including film, music, poetry and choreography.
CAFI studied engraving and painting in Escolinha de Arte do Brasil. He started with photography in his 20's, becoming a pioneer of visual aesthetics for the last half century. CAFI designed more than 260 vynyl record covers for famous singers such as Milton Nascimiento, Chico Buarque, Edu Lobo, Nana Caymme, Sarah Vaughan, Jards Macale and Cristina Buarque.

CAFI's work has been exhibited at more than 30 art shows, including Sete Brasileiros (UNB), Carrancas do São Francisco (MAM, MASP), Índios Kráo (MAM, MASP), Salve Getúlio (Museu da República), Macunaíma (Sesc), Os Brasileiros", "Maracatu" PE, "Sombra da Noite" no Espaço Sérgio Porto - RJ , "Serrado Brasileiro" Jardim Botânico - RJ among others. CAFI
has also curated exhibitions both domestically and internationally. His works are part of permanent collections at MAM-RJ,  Museu Casa do Pontal-RJ, MASP-Pirellis's Collection.
Od Brasileiros” along with Miguel do Rio Branco
Walter Firmo and Pedro de Moraes.
"Um Olhar sobre Paraty, Angra dos Reis e Ilha Grande”
“Brésil”, editado pela Flamarion (Paris)
“Imagem do Som”, de Chico Buarque
“Imagem Escrita”, in collaboration with Pedro Bial,
Cartazes e catálogos de Deborah Colker (Velox)
Intrépida Troupe e Dani Lima (Vaidade)
Big NY Magazine,
”O Carioca”
Cancioneiro Tom Jobin
Book of Milton Nascimento