NINA RAASCH-Morocco street #3-2017


Morocco street #3 2017

 31" x 25" (80 x 64 cm) digital photograph. printed on matt paper, 150g/m2. unframed 

Deserted architecture, quiet and empty scenes of Moroccan villages, two women, and a child in long dresses walking through the streets — isolated individuals, separated from their surroundings by big black shadows of the evening sun. Shapes of desert flowers that are broken but put together in a new shape, making their appearance look even stronger, captured on solar paper, produced in the middle of the Moroccan desert. 

Artist is influenced by Vivian Sassen

Nina Raasch (1991) is a German photographer, based between Berlin & London. She graduated photography major from the Lette-Verein in Berlin. Getting her inspiration through travels resulted in Nina living in New Zealand for half a year, after which she found herself wondering through jungles of Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, Indonesia, and Japan. Her work is mostly inspired by personal topics and impressions. It reaches from portraits to landscape photography while focussing on what's behind the surface and trying to create certain emotional moods. She mainly works with an analog medium format camera. Her photographs have been shown at places such as "C/O Berlin Foundation" and " Werkraum Bild und Sinn" in Berlin.

Selected Exhibitions:

Waves | Galerie Werkraum Bild und Sinn | Berlin
Close up! | C/O Berlin Foundation Amerika Haus | Berlin
Pinhole landscapes | Spotte Art Boutique & Online Sale | New York City
Football against homophobia | 3rd prize winner | Lette Verein | Berlin
If You Leave: IYL Showcase | Hatch London | London
If You Leave: IYL Showcase | Soda Books | Berlin
Haiti | Ritter Buzke Art Space | Berlin
Haiti | Schindler Hallen | Berlin
Glance vs Gaze | Kunstquartier Bethanien | Berlin
Acreati x Forza Fashion House Maastricht | Entre Deux | Maastricht