A 2016

39.3" x 15.75" (100 cm x 40 cm) transparent and pigmented methacrylate. modular dyptich. 


"My work reflects on the society and the world where I live in, a world of masks. I put out a mask using a material that has color pigment, yet it is transparent. The spectator, standing in front of the work, can look through it or see his/her personal reflections. Essentially, my work is minimalistic, however, it also depends on a viewer and its surroundings. These pieces are susceptible to transmutation and conversion through changes in the light sources"

Artist is influenced by: Ivan de Menis, Stan Van Steendam, Michelle Benoit, Regina Schumann, Pino Pinelli and Daniel Buren


Artist Leonardo Gambini ('94) lives in Milan and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. Since 2014, his artistic research has focused on the minimalism and the study of the forms created by the overlap of Methacrylate plates assembled inside a theca. Starting as a street artist with a realistic style, Leonardo has slowly left the figurative road and moved to the conceptual one.



Selected Solo Exhibitions

06/17 Frankfurter Westende Galerie, Francoforte

03/17 "Primary Structures" LM Gallery, Latina


Selected Group Exhibitions

04/17 Castello, Arena Po (Pavia).

04/17 "AVE CRUX" Fondazione l'Arsenale di Iseo (BS).

02/17 MIDO, Rho Fiera Milano.

11/16 "Growing" M Contemporary Art Gallery, Reggio Emilia (Curatrice Federica Petricca).

09/16 "AR(T)CEVIA", Arcevia.

06/16 "Percezione Azione" Bicocca Stand U6, Milano.

05/16 "Libri D'Artista" Fondazione Mudima, Milano (Curatore Andrea Del Guercio).

02/16 Basilica S.Gaudenzio, Novara (Curatore Andrea Del Guercio).

07/15 Accademia di Brera con il patrocinio EXPO, Milano.

05/15 Municipio, Macugnaga (Curatore Andrea Del Guercio).

04/14 Biennale Frosinone.

11/12 Museo Buonaccorsi, Macerata.

10/12 Villa Baruchello, Porto Sant'Elpidio.

05/12 Biennale Frosinone.


Art Fairs

02/2017 Art Parma Fair, Parma, Italy

02/2017 Affordable Art Fair Milano, spazio Superstudio Più, Arena Art Gallery (MI).


Artist's media includes some of or all: transparent methacrylate and transparent color pigment methacrylate