LORENZO TAINI-Romeo & Juliet-2017


Romeo & Juliet 2017

"These works are my personal "punishments" since they generate a certain sense of fatigue for me. They surmount a large amount of energy in order to complete a simple repetitious gesture" - Lorenzo Taini

“A floating quality of painted canvases and wall installations has immediately shown a common foundation: repetition. The same concept transcends the object. When repeating a symbol what feature prevails: the repetition itself or the characteristics of a symbol? Hume taught us that repetition doesn’t alter what is being repeated, but it changes something in whoever observes the repetition. Of course, there is a difference between lines and erasers, but in art, the real difference lies in the intention. Taini doesn’t realize that he is acting in two worlds when he aligns the lines and erasers. What excites him is a geometry of order in the series, creating sequences that have continuity and persistence. He achieves this with a certain lightness, avoiding accumulation or turning repetition into an extension.” - Giovanni Maria Accame

Artist is influenced by modern minimalist painters like Frank Stella, Agnes Martin, Brancusi & Sol LeWitt


Lorenzo Taini (b.77) is based in Milan, Italy, and trained in the studio arts at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. He is known for creating minimalist sutured works on canvas, works on paper, and assembled installations that explore the themes of continuity, fragility, and recurrence. Lorenzo started his career as an apprentice to such art critics as Francesco Lionetti, Ermanno Krumm, Marco Meneguzzo and Giovanni Maria Accame. His texts and critiques have been published in Flash Art, Arte e Critica and other art publications. Taini has also worked with such modern abstract painters as Grazia Varisco, Claudio Olivieri, Carla Accardi and Eugenio Giliberti. 





2016 "Generazioni a colloquio, Claudio Olivieri/Lorenzo Taini. Museo della Permanente,_Milano

2015 "Linee/Lines", E-Contemporary, Trieste

2014 "Lorenzo Taini 2.0", Galleria Monopoli, Milano

2013 "Lorenzo Taini e Walter Cascio", Galleria Liba, Pontedera

2013 "Lorenzo Taini", Breidenbach Studio, Heidelberg, Germany

2012 "Sintassi di Pittura", Palazzo Ducale di Genova

2011 "Lorenzo Taini", Galleria Monopoli, Milano

2007 "Haua sultan", Teatro delle Erbe, Milano



2016 Padova Art Fair and Bergamo Art Fair

2016 Empatema Studio Mugnaini, Milano

2014 Save And Safe, Palazzo Crespi, Milano

2013 "Le rotte della pittura", Fondazione Piaggio, Pontedera

2012 Galleria Monopoli, Milano

2011 "Lo stato dell’Arte, Biennale di Venezia", Torino

2011 Galleria Monopoli, Milano

2010 Fondazione Zappettini_"Continua la Pittura", Chiavari 

2008 Galleria Monopoli, Milano

2007 "Salon I" Museo della Permanente, Milano

2006 "Salon I" Museo della Permanente, Milano

2005 "Multiplo3", NO Gallery, Milano

2003 "Meno 30",  Spazio Hajech, Milano


Media includes some of or all: everyday office supplies, pins, canvas, acrylic paint, threads, yarns, wood, pencils