Blue 9 2015

39.5" x 55.3" (100 x 140 cm), Acrylic on Thai paper, metallic paint

My experience and training in clinical psychoanalysis has left a strong impression on my artistic and social vision. My work is driven by the necessity to investigate the fragmentation of the human being, the body and its connection with the world in which it lives. The images of nature, its spirit and its forms, as well as the erotic charge they may have, are the trigger of the organic constructions that live within my work. I experiment with the close relationship between culture and nature. I also explore the organic eroticism of its forms, the vibration of color, its luminescence; centering my gaze on the subject. I am using sculpture, installation, and paint in order to investigate intuitively using non-conventional materials. I build bodies. Appealing to the material’s fragility such as paper, fabric and glass, I emphasize the elemental fragility of the human being. I make it possible so that its marks, scars, fibers and connections appear. The marks are deep, indissoluble and necessary; underlying the subject. I illuminate what is hidden to us, permitting a glimpse of its origin; the structure that sustains it. As a narrative of the body, I color, materialize and break it, creating metaphors using the fragmentations of both the body and the subject.

Artist influenced by:  human body, fragmentary nature, erotic charge, organic construction


Adriana Carambia is a visual artist and a psychoanalyst based in Buenos Aires.


2016/2011 Painting workshop with Sergio Bazán
2016/2015 Workshop with Marina de Caro
2013/2009 Seminar on Contemporary Art with Fabiana Barreda
2010/2011 Seminar on Contemporary Art with Valeria González
2008/2009 Sculpture under Edgardo Madanes
2006/2007 Sculpture under Sara Mansilla
2002/2005 Ceramic workshop with Carlota Petrolini


2016 Exhibición “DESEMBARCO” The Clemente. Soto Vélez Cultural Center, Manhattan. New York.
2016 Exhibición “Insisting Light” Gualberto Hernández Contemporary Art, Connecticut, EE.UU.
2016 Exhibición “Fragmentary” en la Galería del IDBA, Washington DC.
2015 Finalista Emerging Voices, Finantial Times/ Oppenheimer Fund Award 2015.
2015 Exhibición “lo secreto no tiene fórmula” Galería Bluma. Córdoba.
2015 104º “Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales” Escultura, Palais de Glace, Argentina.
2015 “Fragmentary”, individual, Galería Gualberto Hernández Contemporary Art, Connecticut, EE.UU.
2015 “Fragmentary” Muestra individual, Consulado Argentino en New York, EE. UU.
2015 Mención Honorífica Premio Fundación Andreani. Centro Cultural Borges.
2015 Exhibición Individual “la Trampa del destello”, Museo de Bellas Artes Félix de Amador, Buenos Aires.
2014 “la trampa del destello” exhibición individual, Dacil art Gallery, Argentina.
2014 103º “Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales, Categoría Escultura, Palais de Glace, Argentina.
2013 “Lo íntimo juega en el patio vecino”, exhibición Individual, Centro Cultural Plaza Castelli. Argentina.
2013 +2 bioerotismo + biotextil, Galería de la Embajada Argentina, Exhibición individual, París, Francia.
2013 XXIII Salón de tapiz, Bienal de Arte Textil 2012/2013. Museo Eduardo Sívori, Argentina.
2013 II Salón de Imagen Textil, *3 Premio del Centro Argentino de Arte Textil. Argentina.
2013 Selección Concurso Fotográfico: “Gente de mi Ciudad” Banco Ciudad.
2012 +2 Bioerotismo + Biotextiles, Galería Boulevar, Tigre. Muestra individual.
2012 Violeta Recoleta, Centro Cultural Recoleta,
2012 “Espejito Espejito”, Muestra en Urbana, DACIL Art Gallery.
2012 Salón Nacional de Arte Texti, Museo Rómulo Raggio. Centro Argentino de Arte Textil
2011 100º Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales, Palais de Glace, categoría Arte Textil.
2010 “99º Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales” Palais de Glace, categoría Escultura.
2010 “Salón Nacional de Arte textil Romulo Raggio” Centro Argentino de Arte Textil. Argentina. *Segundo Premio.
2009 “Curvas Entramadas” Muestra Colectiva. Galería de arte Buddha Ba. Buenos Aires.
2007 “Salón Municipal de Cerámica de Avellaneda”. Argentina.
2005 “Salón Fuerza Empresaria”, en Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires.
2004 “XXI Salón de Bellas Artes” Casa de la Cultura de Hurlingham. * Primer Premio de Escultura.


Artist's media includes some of or all:  sculpture, painting, installation, works on paper, works on canvas, rice paper, glass, unconventional materials, nylon stockings, acrylic ink