JULIANA HERRERO -Sones Naturalis-2016


Sones Naturalis 2016

22" x 30" (56cm x76cm) experimental watercolor blue print technique as synesthesia

1 Piece. framed.

"My work comes from a spatial sensibility that unfolds in an expanded media. I define it in continue transformation and I let it transcend conventional formats, deconstructing, fragmenting and re-layering. Dealing with the processes of change and with the specific context, it becomes also site-specific, crystalizing mostly in fragile installations and sculptural works as immersive and fictional realities. In my latest works I juxtapose sound to visual exploring a sort of synesthetic aesthetic, my inner experience of musicality. I am interested in the dialectic relations of private and public spheres and in the subtle limits of inner and outer worlds, exploring their osmotic boundaries through alienating and subversive strategies. I tackle themes that embrace life, nature, perception and virtual dimensions. Swelling at the limits of the illusionary and the real‚ within my work I attempt to emotionally provoke the audience while leaving an empty space for the imagination." - Juliana Herrero 

Artist influenced by: Hélio Oiticica, Gego, Lygia Clark, Gyula Kosice, Schiele, John Cage and Alvin Lucier


Juliana Herrero (b'1975 in Choele Choel RN) is an Argentine-Austrian Artist, who works and lives in Vienna.



Studies of Dance and Music, INSA Instituto Nac. Superior de Artes Gral. Roca, R.N. (AR) 1986-1992 

Architecture, FADU UBA (Diploma), Buenos Aires (AR) 1994-2000 

Conceptual Design prof. Ben van Berkel (Postgraduate) 2002-2004 

Film Class prof. Mark Leckey at STÄDELSCHULE Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Ffm (DE) 2005-2006 



Transitions of Energy, Kajaani Art Museum, Kajaani (FI) 2016

10 Jahre KUNSTZELLE, WUK Hof, Vienna (AT) 2016

LEAVE A COMMENT, Sociology Institute –University of Vienna, Vienna (AT) 2016

Premio Fundación Andreani a las Artes Visuales, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires (AR) 2015

Transitions of Energy, Kunsthalle LAB, Bratislava (SK) 2015

Überschreitungen, Symposionshaus Lindabrunn (AT) 2015

Random thoughts of a daily light, das weisse haus, Vienna (AT) 2015

INTERFERENCES::: UTOPIA IN TRANSIT studio das weisse haus (AT) 2014

Kaleidoskop, 18M Salon, Berlin (DE) 2014

INVASION, Buenos Aires-Berlin, Kotti-Shop Berlin (DE) 2014

Paraflows.9 INTIMACY, Künstlerhaus, Vienna (AT) 2014

Kaleidoskop, Maison de l’Argentine, Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (FR) 2014

La mia camera, Kunstzelle WUK (Solo*) (AT) / Festival MAZE, The Labyrinth of Artistic Production at WUK (AT) 2014

OPEN STUDIO DAY studio das weisse haus, VIENNA ART WEEK (AT) 2013

Kaleidoskop, LAI (Latin-america Institute) -Europa Saal, Vienna (AT) 2013


Kaleidoskop, ATELIER FRANKFURT, Ffm (DE) 2012

Acoustic Cloud Remix, Vienna Fair 2011, Vienna (AT) 2011

EMOTIONALE PASSAGEN, LAI (Latin-america Institute), Vienna (AT) 2011

YOKO ONO. DREAM UNIVERSE (Y.O. with students of Städelschule) Portikus Frankfurt am Main (DE) 2005

FRANKFURTER POSITIONEN (John Bock, Udo Koch, Ben van Berkel und der Architekturklasse der Städelschule) Eine Ausstellung von Portikus in der Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main (DE) 2013

RUNDGANG STÄDELSCHULE, Frankfurt am Main (DE) 2003, 2004, 2005

FESTIVAL JUNGER TALENTE, Messe Offenbach / Main (DE) 2003

Material Vision – Messe Frankfurt, Material Workshop STÄDELSCHULE, Ffm (DE) 2003

wir schlafen alle zusammen, Kallco Gallerie, Vienna (AT) 2002

X.POSICI ON - BA in WIEN, Semper Depot, Vienna (AT) 2002

X.POSICI ON - BA in ROTTERDAM, Berlage Gallery-Berlage Institute Rotterdam (NL) 2002



"Prämie für die besonderen Leistungen" in context of the “Outstanding Artist Awards - Interdisciplinarity 2015” BKA for “Milieu” 2014

"Prize “Revelación” in context of “Premio Fundación Andreani a las Artes Visuales 2015" for “Milieu” 2014


Artist's media includes some of or all: digital materials using also popular media, collage, watercolor,  blue print technique, sound art (mostly self-recorded at the island of Goli, and in the wild part of Stara Baska coast)