Bongo (IV) 2012

9.8" x 9.8" (25 x 25cm) collage

The disquieting of the familiar or everyday, carried out by the employment of elements extracted from the very setting, is constant within my visual work. In my work, the starting point is always a pre-existent image or object, which originates from multiple sources, such as: collectable objects, publicity adds (usually ones which aren’t in circulation), catalogues, magazines, television shows, cookbooks, children books, first aid manuals, handbooks for parents, sewing magazines, personal websites on the internet, etc.

Despite the diversity of the sources which trigger my work, they all seem to behave in a similar way: they are images directed towards the average user, and they resort to the existence of a common sense. Throughout the use of various visual operations, my interest is to bring out a sense of ambiguity in the common imagery; detract the coded character and rehearse new scenarios where visuality isn’t subordinated by the constitutive discourse of the imagery.

Artist's media includes books, coloring books and ink on paper


Catalina Schliebener (1980 Santiago, Chile) NYC and Buenos Aires based artist and illustrator.

Artist received a Bachelor Degree in Philosophy from University of Art & Social Sciences (ARCIS) where she later studied Visual Arts. Catalina has worked as an Associate Professor of Philosophy and Art History in several Chilean Universities from 2002 to 2008.

Her work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in many galleries, museums and art fairs in Santiago, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Lima, Belfast, London, Miami and New York. Catalina has received numerous scholarships and awards from Department of Culture and Art Development within Chilean Government Administration (Fondart), Board of Cultural Affairs by Ministry of Foreign Relations of Chile (Dirac), as well as Henry Moore Foundation in United Kingdom.