ELIZABETH EARLEY-Thunder Clatter-2015


Thunder Clatter 2015

100 x 80 cm Oil on canvas

I find the process and the fluidity of painting exciting and compelling, it allows me to explore, on canvas, bringing forth the metaphysical experiences of life. Hence, the content of the paintings revolve around my desire to convey the unspoken and often intangible and unseen metaphysical elements in our daily life. This includes our relationships, with ourselves and others, and our responses to the natural world. Simplifying the forms and using colour to depict non-linear space, I find certain archetypes and symbols, such as the circle, are referenced and appear time and time again. I go back to the circle when I don't want to get caught up in complicated form. It's one of the simplest of organic forms - iconic and profound...no beginning no end, sacred...the shape of our planets, stars, ours cells...our world, and it's perfect for holding the extraordinary colour combinations that I'm exploring.   I'm attracted to the visually powerful, whether macro or micro and strive to re-create the emotional hit. I want my paintings to connect us to our inner selves via a visual stirring of the familiar, albeit in an unfamiliar context, as a reminder that we are more than mere physical.

Artist influenced by: John Hoyland, Rothko, Agnes Martin, Helen Frankenthaler, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Patrick Heron

Elizabeth Earley (Somerset, UK) BA (Hons) Fine Art 

Elizabeth Earley is an abstract colorist painter working predominantly in oil paint with the large works and gouache in the smaller pieces. Her autonomous work is mostly inspired by the concept of ‘catching’ the metaphysical in relationships both physical and psychological.

Elizabeth received a prestigious Winston Churchill Award in her 20’s, which allowed her to spend five weeks in Hong Kong and Japan exploring unfamiliar aesthetic languages. Following a 25 year career as a businesswoman, Elizabeth went to art school and gained a First Class BA honors degree in Fine Art (University of Plymouth).

Since graduating Elizabeth has continued to explore techniques and approaches which feed her curiosity and inform her painting. She has studied printing at Handprint Studio in Newlyn, Cornwall and has collaborated with Gavin Turk and Deborah Curtis’ House of Fairy Tales Artists Collective, to deliver arts in non-arts settings across the UK.

She draws inspiration from a continuing practice of meditation, learned in her late teens, and from her travels abroad.  Elizabeth founded the pop up art gallery Crescent Contemporary with fellow contemporary artist Gordon Faulds. She is a Member of the Somerset Arts Group, and has curated various group exhibitions as well as exhibiting in group and solo exhibitions around U.K.

Artist's media includes: oil, gouache, house paint