Carrie Swim -Rivers Door-2014

Carrie Swim

Rivers Door 2014

30" x 40" (76,2 x 101,6cm) oil on canvas

Form fills space and time in a choreography of discovering and unfolding the truth of its essence. Marks flow in quick movements and moments of rest in the place of revelation of form and meaning. Color holds a song and line carries the voice of soulreaching for the substance of its journey in the conversation of body, paint, space, time and surface. Experimenting with modern contact improvisational dance and lyrical abstract painting grants opportunity of communication and engagement of a vast territory of the mind, body, spirit, and soul.
The process begins with me listening to the space, and then engaging my body with this space covered in paint, through concepts that move my body in evoked response onto a surface of a painting. I then return to the surface with brush and paint to respond to marks left like doors into finding more meaning of the movement and direction for mark color and form. A moment grieved, beauty beheld, healing poured, and voice palpated take new depths of tangibility in a color, or an organic line inspired by nature and senses of the ethereal’s color and light and the movement of soul itself.
- Carrie

Carrie Swim paintings (NYC)
MFA in painting from University of Kansas, KS
BFA in painting from Baylor University, TX
Painting and Drawing in Florence University of Arts, Italy
​Selected Awards 
Ada Bechtel Heuser Scholarship & Daniel MacMorris Scholarship University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
2012 Jim Eisenmiger 
2008 Carol and Dennis Harper 
2007-2008 John & Colleen Lightener
Solo Exhibitions
2014 Seeds of Innovation, All Things Project Gallery, New York
2014 Featured Artist, Brooklyn Art Festival, Brooklyn, New York
2012 Testimony of Touch, MFA Thesis, Art + Design Glarrey, KS
Selected Group Shows
2014 Oritz Gallery, Harlem, New York
2014 The (Un)Fair Art Show, New York
2014 Pair Performances, Grace Space Performance Art Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
2014 Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn, New York
2014 Premier Art Show, TLCC Church, West Orange, NJ
2014 Annual Spark & Echo Show, New York
2014 Korean Benefit Art Show, All Things Project Gallery, New York
2012 Wilderness Exhibition, Cornerstone Music Festival, Bushnel, IL
2011 Above Average: Recent work from decent people, Art + Design Gallery, Lawrence, KS
2009 Prairie Fire: In the Field or in Your Glass Group show, Pearl Gallery, Kansas City, MO
Community Events
2011 Wellness Gift Mural filling room in WIC Lawrence Health Center, Lawrence, KS
2010 Connect Community art activity Performed on Kansas University campus and in the Dada Student Art Show, Spencer Art Gallery, KS