Lady McCrady -Halo 0284 Thelonius-2014

Lady McCrady

Halo 0284 Thelonius 2014

22" x 30" (56x76cm). Flasche and Acrylic paint on on Stonehenge 100% cotton paper.

It is 2014, the human organism is frail amidst apocalyptic change. I make circular halo peripheries about speed and Marxist points of view, in sections. I also make replica scenes of workers and danger. We are surrounded by symbols that manipulate us. The air is filled with burning. Fluorescent warnings have become neutral. We are mesmerized by light and dazzled by power. Neurologists have proven that the brain constantly seeks the new. Artists make marks that are direct connections to the densely layered brain network, and it is always under construction.

- Lady

Lady McCrady, visual artist (NYC and New Haven, CT) 
MFA from CUNY Hunter College, BFA from Syracuse University in Visual and Performing Arts, Sir John Cass School of Art London UK
Andy Warhol profiled her in Interview Magazine and reviews appeared in L'Oeil Revue d'Art Paris, The New York Times, La Croix Paris, Studio Voice Tokyo.
Connecticut Commission on the Arts Individual Artist grant for Installation 2010 and Drawing 2002; New England Foundation for the Arts Individual Artist grant for Painting 1994;  Republic Nat'l Bank First Purchase awarded by Larry Rivers; NEA - New York University electronic media project with Martin Nisenholtz 1982-83, 1983-84
Jean-Pierre Fenez and Jean Michel Vinay Architects. Paris, Republic National Bank of New York. NYC, Bill Arning. Cambridge MA, Andy Warhol. NYC
Whitney Biennial 2012, Michael Clark Company UK residency performer; Bradley International Airport, Curator Power Boothe 2010; Parrish Museum, curator Werner Kramarsky, Southampton NY 1990; Guild Hall Museum, Eight Artists, curator Helen Harrison, East Hampton NY 1990; Everson Museum Biennial, Syracuse NY curator John Perrault 1984; 17th Annual Biennial of Sao Paulo Brazil 1983
New York University Broadway Windows Political Circles 1988, Real Art Ways, Hartford CT Danger Zone 1987, Smith College and University of Massachusetts Under Construction Amherst 1987, -- & -- Gallery, NYC East Village. Everafter NYC 1986, Galerie J & J Donguy Paris, curator Olivier Renaud-Clement Heaven and Hell 1985, Calpis Corporation The Bee Club Polka Dot performance Tokyo 1983
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