Gabriel Giovanetti-Kashgar: The Goats-2013

Gabriel Giovanetti

Kashgar: The Goats 2013

42,5" x 28,8" (108 x 73cm). Digital Print, 10 plus 2 A/P.

I arrived to Kashgar through Kirgizstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan, going along the once known Silk Road. Kashgar, in the independent region of Xingjian in China, is braced by the desert of Taklimakan.
The people of Kashgar are Uzbeks, Muslim Uyghurs, Tajiks, Kyrgyz and Han Chinese.
Photographing Kashgar revealed a new pace of time in another reality. At times I felt I was in a film from the nineteenth century, within scenes of muted colors and erratically unfocused images.
Kashgar aroused a passion to search in the faces of old and young, men and women, the united mark of mankind when we raise our eyes to the splendor of the stars with our answerable questions.

- Gabriel


Gabriel Giovanetti, documentary photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

With a graduate degree in Social Psychology, he applies his academic background via anthropological approach and cultural inquiries during his documentary travels.


2003 -”Eastern Light”, a photographic journey through the Muslim faith.
2009 “Sweet Water”, photographs of La Cuenca del Plata, Argentina.
2011 “Mirage” and “Reflections of the Delta”
2000 - “Silk Road” Defensa Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2003 - “Eastern Light” Museum of Fine Arts Buenos Aires
2004 - “Eastern Light”, Museum of Fine Arts Sinaloa, Mexico
2005 - “Photographs in Black and White”, KBK Gallery Mexico City
2010 - “Sweet Water”, Metropolitan Museum Buenos Aires, Argentina
            “Sweet Water”, Museum of Fine Arts, Tigre, Argentina
2011 - “Lights and Fishes”, GP Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2014 - Buenos Aires Photo Art Fair
Over the years, Gabriel participated in numerous group shows around the world.