Alatz Ortega-Giraffe-2014

Alatz Ortega

Giraffe 2014

17" x 22" (43 x 56 cm). Digital Print.

In these series I explore the masks that my family and I have chosen to collect. We have a small collection but it ranges from traditional day of the dead mask to cheap plastic animal masks. The beauty of a mask is that it is both a work of art and a cultural artifact. No matter what a mask echoes the culture its from. Through taking portraits of the empty masks I focused solely on the spirit of the mask itself.

- Alatz

​Alatz Ortega is an emerging Spanish-American artist based in New York City.
​Predominantly consisting of photography his works also include drawings, sculpture, and graphic design. He have been able to use shooting as a way to get closer to people and to himself being his best form of self expression.
​He has been exhibited in The International Center of Photography and Cooper Union, where he will be beginning his second year.