Ana Crespo-Taj Mahal: The time of the Lion - detail-2014

Ana Crespo

Taj Mahal: The time of the Lion - detail 2014

Manipulated silk paper on handmade paper.

Taj Majal was conceived under peculiar circumstances. It is a love story. Hypnotizing, intense, yet delicate and subtle. In these series, I manipulate the paper, creating layers of depth and volume. Playing with light and shadow I connect a range of levels, giving life to vibrant and alive piece that undergoes a transformation in different times of the day through a change in quality, quantity and direction of light.

I use silk, linen, rice and vegetable parchment of different textures and density. Sewed or glued in 3d with elevated surface, paper is curved, allowing to discover new angles in a dance of transparency, while having a loving dialogue with yarns, lines flexible and firm at the same time

- Ana

A fragment from review of critic Carmen Pallares: “These pieces are paintings because they have sound, rhythm, dance, spiritual configuration, exploring the knowledge of lines without time, and the wisdom of universal mystic. They are paintings because they display effective ideas and vivid experiences from both instinctual and cognitive point of view.”

Ana Crespo (Spain)

With a PHD in Fine Arts, Ana teaches color theory and graphic design at school of Fine Arts and Design in Toledo, Spain. The symbolic quality of color is the most fundamental element in her work.

She had her first show in 1987 in France, creating installations by the Loire River. Since then, she showcased more than a hundred projects all over the world.

Through her long-lasting career, Ana has published several books. Her first one was released in 1997. It is called “Zen and Contemporary Art”. The next two publications “The beautiful colors of heart. Color and Sufism, vol. 1 and vol. 2″. are about symbolism of color in Sufi studies, with the latest volume published earlier this year.


Gallery Maze (Turin) Italia, Gallery  Arteara (Madrid), Gallery  Cruce (Madrid), Gallery  Antonio Camba (Palma de Mallorca), Gallery  Astarté (Madrid), Gallery  Alicia Winters, (Holland), Gallery  Abba Art (Palma de Mallorca), Carmen de la Guerra Gallery (Madrid), Santander Foundation Recife (Brasil), International Congress Ibn Arab(Cairo, Egypt), Museum of Contemporary Art (Toledo, Spain), Modern Art Museum (Saitama, Japan)