"Colorfields" 2016

39,4"H x 47,2"W x 1" (100 cm x 120 cm) Acrylic and oil on canvas



"I’ve spent my early childhood in the South of France, a land that is vastly different from the Netherlands where I reside. For the longest time, the new surroundings used to imply the loss of my roots. This sense of alienation and the impressive man-made structures of my new homeland appeared to be essential for an artistic calling in my later paintings. From a bird's eye view, the Netherlands looks like a painting of Piet Mondrian. It is the very same straight lines that one can find in my compositions. Mondrian was the initiator of ‘De Stijl’ a movement with radical new ideas of lifestyle based on harmony and unity. It was part of the bigger movement of the Modernism. Besides the language of the abstract composition, I am fascinated by the ideas of hope and prosperity resulting from the desire to create a new philosophy by this movement at the beginning of the 20th century. The architecture of Bauhaus and ‘De Stijl’ reflects the order in a time of chaos. Nevertheless, nowadays the Modernist buildings have become an icon of everlasting economic growth and since we are aware of the constraints of this development, it is often seen in a connotation of hard-core capitalism, impudent consumption and gobbling of the planet resources. In my paintings, I want to justify these original ideas of progress and malleability, the way the architects Mies van der Rohe, Richard Neutra, Gerrit Rietveld and Le Corbusier addressed them. I want to emphasize the immaterial aspect of a building by creating open spaces. In my work,  the images of modern architecture are based on a rhythmical pattern of verticals and horizontals, where a multi-colored labyrinth of spaces and look-throughs is created. Thin layers of acrylic and oil paint allow the colors underneath to shine through and the transparent layered structure intensifies the depth of the composition." - Cecile van Hanja

Artist is influenced by Piet Mondrian, Gerrit Rietveld, Barnett Newman, Mies van der Rohe, David Hockney

Cecile van Hanja (b. Corsica, Fr)  is a modernist painter based in Netherlands.



2015    Nominated for The Visual art prize 2015

2013    ‘Teach the Teacher’ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, NL

2005     Impuls subsidy/ grant Mondrian Foundation Amsterdam, NL

2003     Basisstipendium 2 years grant Mondrian Foundation Amsterdam, NL

2000     Presentation grant, Vishal/ Haarlem, NL

1993     Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Academy of Art, Amsterdam, NL


Related activities

Currently  - Museum teacher - Het Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam,NL

2012 - present Museum teacher, Het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam,NL

2007 - present   Teacher Master education, INCCA Education/ Conservation and Restauration, Modern and Contemporary art at the University of Amsterdam, Het Rijksmuseum, NL                                                      


Solo Exhibitions (Selection)

2017       Architectural spaces/unexpected colors, Rob de Vries Gallery, Haarlem NL

2015       Beyond Chaos, Galerie BMB, Amsterdam, NL

2012       Vanishing point, ABC Architectuurcentrum, Haarlem,NL

2011       UMC st. Radboud, Nijmegen,NL

2010       Perspectives,Galerie BMB, Amsterdam,NL

2010       Galerie 56,Tilburg,SBK-Amsterdam,NL

2009       Kunst op kantoor, Stadhuis Haarlem,NL

2008       Galerie 16, SBK Hengelo,NL 

2007       Galerie Jochem ,Stichting Sanquin Research ,Amsterdam,NL

2006       Galerie Art site, Haarlem,NL

2005       Galerie BMB, Amsterdam,NL

2005       Stichting Sanquin Bloedbank Regio Noordwest,NL  

2002       Galerie BMB, Amsterdam,NL

2001       KunstRAI, galerie BMB, Amsterdam,NL

2000       Galerie BMB, Amsterdam,NL

1999       Kunst Zürich, Galerie BMB , Switzerland


Group Exhibitions  ( Selection)

2017      The Other Art Fair, Victoria House London, UK

2017      Peripheries, Lisa Norris Gallery, London, UK

2016      Luw, 37PK Haarlem NL

2016      Urban landscape-Sharing Territories, Koel310, Alkmaar NL

2015      Mondriaanhuizen, Mondriaanhuis Amersfoort, NL

2015      Galerie Joghem, Stichting Sanquin Research ,Amsterdam,NL

2014      In Glorious colour,10 finalists Showdown Saatchi art, Griffin Gallery, Londen,UK

2013      Urban landscapes IV, Wegert&Sadocco, Winkel,NL

2012      Saatchi, 12x12 inches, Curated by Rebecca Wilson, Londen,UK

2011      Constructing Identity, Exhibition about identity and architecture,De Vishal, Haarlem,NL

2010      Highlights, galerie BMB, Amsterdam,NL

2009      RC de Ruimte, IJmuiden,NL

2009      Façades, ABC architectuurcentrum, Haarlem,NL

2008      De Salon, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam,NL

2008      Nieuwe energie, De Beeldmakerij, Haarlem,NL 

2007      Nieuwe uitleenschatten, De Aa-kerk, CBK Groningen,NL

2006      Art Fair Karlsruhe, galerie BMB ,Germany

2006      Espaces relationnels, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam ,NL             

2005      Les Portes ouvertes, Chateau Lanapoule, France


Artist in Residence

2005      La Napoule ,Art foundation

2005      Château de la Napoule, Mandelieu-la Napoule,France  

2008      Canserrat international art center, Spain



2017     ArtMaze Mag, ‘The research of the influence of the public domain on private life’

2017     Art and Aesthetics, ’Style and Suspense’

2016     Aesthetica Art Magazine, ‘Spotlight on Modernism’

2016      On art and aesthetics, ‘Style and suspense’

2015      Inside the studio, interview Saatchi art magazine

2015      Het beeldende kunstjournaal ‘Mondriaanhuizen’ door Wim Adema 

2015      Collect februari, Up to Art Musea,Modernistic architecture in Contemporary art.

2014      Art’s Sake, Issue -76 Mildred.co

2014      PR Newswire,Saatchi Art announces the finalists for the world’s most higly submitted Art Prize

2014      Design Milk, Architectural paintings by Cécile van Hanja

2014      Architizer, Alluring paintings of modernist Icons capture anonymity in architecture

2014      ArticulAction art review juni 2014

2012      Contemporary Art Globally Speaking, Saatchi Gallery London serious talent artists

2012      Twenty Finalists ‘De Nieuwe Rembrandt’, AVRO-tv

2012      Invloed architectuur bij “Constructing Identity”, Haarlem Dagblad, april 2011

2011      Select Tableau, fine arts magazine 33ste jaargang nr. 4 

2010      kunst op kantoor, De Vishal, Haarlem

2010      Perspectives, catalogus galerie BMB

2008      Sanquin  “Geen kale muren”

2006      Kunstbeeld,” Tussen Kunst en Bouwkunst ”

2006      De Nieuwe, “Het territorium”

2005      Haarlems Dagblad,”Unknown area”