Brett Day Windham | GALLERY-Fantasy I-2013

Brett Day Windham | GALLERY

"Fantasy I" 2013

15" x 20" (38 x 51 cm) Collage on Illustration Board 




I use color and composition to organize collections of natural, commercial and industrial remnants into multi-disciplinary works which confer a sense of mysticism and ritual. Specific sets of objects (as varied as discarded dime bags, broken earbuds, mussel shells, feathers, floor sweepings and bound and recycled magazines) hold totemic powers: I am interested in the anthropological stories they tell. Over time, I accumulate materials from city sidewalks, the floors of other artist's studios, or from nature: these time-based collections are then used as components for assembled sculptures, installations and collages.

Collage is an intrinsic part of my practice. I use found magazines as fodder: I look for images that I can re-imagine, cut them by hand with scissors and blade, and glue them on paper in a slow and painstaking process. I try to get the most three-dimensional images possible on a flat plane, and to abstract color and shape from their advertorial origins. I use the practice of collage-making for idea generation and as a way of free-drawing with shape and color.

                                                                                                                                                                - Brett Day Windham 


Artist influenced by: Kurt Schwitters, DaDa, Matisse, Carol Bove, CoLab movement, futurists, Elsa Von Freytag Loringhoven, nature, color, pattern, ocean



Brett Day Windham (born Cambridge, England, raised Providence, Rhode Island) is a multidisciplinary artist working with sculpture, installation and collage. She received a BFA from Hampshire College and an MFA in Sculpture from RISD. Her work has been included in shows around the US, including The Chace Center at the RISD Museum (Providence), Tompkins Projects West (Los Angeles), Cave (Detroit), Lu Magnus (NY), Brooklyn Fireproof (NY), Gallery Project (Ann Arbor), 808 Gallery (Boston), Samsøn Projects (Boston), University of Maine Museum of Art (Bangor), and RMCAD (Denver). Windham received a Dean’s fellowship while at RISD, and was nominated for the Joan Mitchell MFA Grant that same year. Residencies she has attended include the Select Fair Residency in 2014 (New York), The Chrysler Museum Glass Studio in 2013 (Norfolk, Virginia), TSKW in 2010 (Key West, Florida), Cascina Remondenca in 2009 (Chiaverano, Italy), and Penland in 2005 (Penland, North Carolina). Her work has been discussed in Hyperallergic, The New York Times, Whitewall Magazine, Her Royal Majesty, The Dinner Party and The Bangor Daily News. Most recently, she was awarded The Georgia Fee/ArtSlant Paris Winter Residency in 2015. 



2010 Rhode Island School of Design. (RISD) Providence, Rhode Island. MFA, Sculpture, With Honors

2010 Brown University. Providence, Rhode Island. Certificate, Sheridan Center For Collegiate Teaching

2001 Penland School of Craft. Penland, North Carolina. Concentrations in Surface Design, Photography

1999 Hampshire College. Amherst, Massachusetts. BA, Double Concentration in Fine Art and Writing

1999 Studio Art Centers International (SACI). Florence, Italy. Certificate, Studio Art Program



2014 Sunset Selects. Select Fair Special Project Booth, New York. (by invitation)

2013 Magic is Waiting. Chrysler Museum of Art Glass Program. Norfolk,Virginia

2012 I put a Spell on You. University of Maine Museum of Art. Bangor, Maine

2003 Crush. Two Sevens Gallery, Beacon, New York



2015 Storytelling, Smack Mellon, Curated by Shlomit Dror (upcoming Summer 2015)

2014 Share This! Denny Gallery, New York. Included in Contribution from Adam Parker Smith

2014 Twin Peaks. Jimmy’s Diner, Brooklyn, New York. Organized by Katrina Fimmel

2013 Ransom. Wayfarers, Brooklyn New York. Organized by George Ferrandi

2013 Thanks. Lu Magnus, New York. Organized by Adam Parker Smith

2013 Circus. Gallery Project, Ann Arbor. Curated by Erin Garber-Pearson & Joe Levickas

2013 New York I Love You Sometimes. Classic Six, New York. Curated by George Terry

2012 The Temporary Institute of Emancipated Objects. RMCAD, Denver. Curated by Cortney Stell

2012 Stones Bones and Relics. Brooklyn Fireproof Gallery, New York. Curated by Anna Mikhailovskaia

2011 Denim. Mr.Kitly, Melbourne, Australia. Curated by Dell Stewart

2011 Wanderlust. Yes Gallery, Brooklyn, New York. Curated by Lesley Doukhowetzky

2011 Tompkins Projects West: Works on Paper. DAN GRAHAM, Los Angeles. Curated by Quint Stevenson

2010 Wassaic Summer Festival. Wassaic New York. Curated by Bowie Zunino et al.

2010 Boston Young Contemporaries. 808 Gallery, Boston. Curated by Joao Ribas et al.

2010 Brand New Bag. Recess, New York. Hosted by Allison Weisberg

2010 Accumulations of Opaque Experiments. Providence Convention Center. Curated by Mark Moscone

2010 Episodic. Cave, Detroit, Michigan. Curated by Anne Reinhardt

2010 Carnival. Gelman Gallery at the Chace Center, RISD Museum, Providence. Curated by Mary Burge

2009 Rinse, Lather, Repeat. Sol Koffler Gallery. Providence. Curated by Gabriela Salazar

2009 Everything is Fine, The Market is Fine. Ristie’s, Providence. Curated by Nate and Kirk Mueller

2009 Pretty Young Things. Peerless Lofts, Providence. Organized by RISD Graduate Sculpture Department

2009 We Killed It... RISD Graduate Sculpture Biennial. RISD. Organized by Mark Moscone

2005 Drawn. Leadbased, Brooklyn New York. Curated by James Powers

2004 Life on Mars. RKL Gallery, Brooklyn, New York. Curated by RKL Gallery

2001 WAMP Show. The Cork Factory, Brooklyn, New York. Organized by Sto Len (Cinders Gallery)

1999 Treehouse. Penland School of Craft, North Carolina. 3-person collaborative installation

1999 City. SACI Gallery. Florence, Italy. Organized by Lorenzo Pezzatini

1999 Park Future, International Arts Festival, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam. Curated by Roberto Bocci



2015 ArtSlant/Georgia Fee Winter Resident, Paris, France

2014 Select Fair Annual Resident, Inaugural Residency Program. Brooklyn, New York

2012 Invited inaugural member of, curated by Jill Conner

2011 The Studios at Key West. New Model Residency Program, Key West, Florida

2010 Deans’ Fellowship, Graduate Studies Department, RISD

2010 Nominated for the Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Grant

2009 Cascina Remondenca. Residency/Assistantship Program, Chiaverano, Italy

2009 S. L. Y. Herman Graduate Sculpture Scholarship, RISD (through 2010)

2008 RISD Graduate Fellowship, Edna J. Lawrence Nature Lab, RISD (through 2010)

1999 Abby Watkins Bernon Scholarship, Penland School for Craft, North Carolina



2015 Makoma, Portia and Gallerani, Ashley, Silence Is Accurate, interview (upcoming spring 2015)

2014 Guerra, Samantha, Dinner Party Blog, "Ladies We Love: Brett Day WIndham"

2014 Katz, Samantha, Whitewall Magazine,“Select Fair Checks Snootiness and Snobbery at the Door”

2013 Collected Drawings selected for Her Royal Majesty, “Issue #13: Luck”

2012-14 Photo Contributor to Third Place Magazine, Edited by Ross Neglia and Wendy Lavonne

2012 Mainwaring, Madison, Her Royal Majesty, “Unnamed Colors in the Gloaming”


Artist's media inludes some or all of: collage, cut paper, abstraction, old magazines, postcards